Friday, February 22, 2008

Two guesses as to the subject of this post....

Any more than two guesses would be way too easy, since I'm sure you all got it on the first try....


See? Told ya so... You didn't need more than two guesses.
I know I'm a little late on this post but better late than never! I wrote this post in my head on Tuesday but didn't quite get around to writing it down...

In any case, yay for Obama's 9th and 10th straight wins! I read today that Hillary will need 57% of the remaining delegates in order to get the nomination. In addition, some of her superdelegates are deserting her for various reasons, mainly to align themselves with their state or distracts choice based on the primaries. Good for them! I think superdelegates should listen carefully to what the voters in their area are saying, no matter if it means more for Clinton or more for Obama.

I was listening to last Saturday's edition of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! on my NPR podcast on Monday and I was literally laughing aloud on the bus to work. My favorite segment was in the first quiz, "Who's Carl This Time." The link above will take you to the show's webpage and if you want to find what I'm about to mention, go to the segment listed above. Or listen to the whole show because it's always pretty hilarious.

One of the questions was about something Obama said in a speech about being ready to take on McCain if needed. That part was funny (involved discussion of boxing and candidates with long arms) but what was really funny was some of the improv following the question. The host, Peter Segal, mentioned how many critics of the Obama campaign are complaining that his following has become cult-like and his rallies are more like revivals. I don't remember which one of the panalists responded but whoever it was said "yeah, but one Obama supporter came back to say 'Well it's obviously not a revival because how many of them have speeches given by Jesus himself!'" I probably paraphrased that a bit but I laughed so hard! The things the panalists (made up of great comedians) come up with are similar to some of the headlines you'd find in The Onion. I particularly found this bit funny because it unabashedly made fun of Obama supporters like me! I like laughing at myself occasionally. The crew at Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! are not afraid of making fun of newsmakers on all sides of political and social debates.

Then Peter Sagel mentioned that some people liken Obama and his supporters to Tom Cruise on the Oprah Show, when he did his monkey dance jumping up and down on the couch (see my post from Summer 05 or '06 for more on that issue...). When I got home I told Eva about this and her reply made my day (it was a very happy, laughy day.)

Eva said "Well, you know that if Obama had a really decisive victory and IF we had a couch, we'd be jumping on it." Leave it to Eva to come up with something funnier than Peter Sagel.

Well, that's all I have to say for the moment. I'm still an ardent fan of Obama and don't forsee this changing. Ever. I read a couple other blog posts that Jonathan "shared" on Google Reader and I'll try to put those links up for those of you who don't have access to Jonathan's "shared" stuff on Google. I have also "shared" them on my Reader account if you're interested. I'm up way too late as it is so I'll just have to post them later.

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