Thursday, December 08, 2005

So, I dropped my computer the other night and broke the screen which is what has made it a wee bit difficult to update. Nevertheless, I have a few minutes so here's the main update.

I am leaving for New Orleans in 36 hours. While we are down there, members of the group I'm going with will be updating a blog, hopefully daily, with our experiences and in particular how they might relate to Catholic Social Justice teaching which we will be studying and praying about during the experience. I hope that when we get back we will also be able to post our pictures so that you can all see what we see.

The address is It doesn't have much right now but just keep checking. Thank you!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just an update

Okay, so the day after I wrote the last post, I was flipping through the channels (and I really do see what's on even if it does seem like i'm a maniac channel surfer, thank you very much) and I actually did catch several stories about New Orleans, the Gulf, and the hurricanes. However, I soon discovered that it was the official "end" of the tropical season and these special stories were more a coverage of the season instead of ongoing coverage of the devastation in the South. As my mother did point out in a comment to the earlier post, there have been some articles in newspapers so the world is not completely devoid of information on the situation. However, I think in comparison to other recent stories which have been over covered, this story is not covered enough. There was a great article the other day in the Chicago Tribune (thanks Mom!) that actually started on the front page for a change!!! Usually I have to search the whole paper to find important news that I'm interested in reading about! However, the story was below the fold AND did not have any pictures, although the ape at the Lincoln Park Zoo who is learning to use a PC got a nice big headline and picture in the center below the fold. I think the main article was about someone being charged for a murder that happened in the Eighties. The story did continue on the back of the section with nice pictures and a really good article but I get really upset that this story is being considered a "below the fold" story! This should be somethign people are reminded of daily when they pick up a paper or turn on the news! The people affected by the storms are our fellow Americans! I may not be a "Patriot" according to the George W. Bushes of the world who say being patriotic means limiting freedoms and supporting preemptive attacks which endanger too many lives, including our own troops (10 more Marines died in Fallujah yesterday. Did you see that headline at least?), but I AM patriotic in terms of loyalty to my country which means the people who live within her borders! Yes I am upset by last year's Tsunami and the earthquakes in Pakistan. But sometimes I really do feel that people use foriegn diasters and problems to ignore the work that needs to be done on our own soil!

Well, that is more than I meant to write tonight. I do concede that not everyone has forgotten New Orleans. The hundreds of volunteers spending time down there every day, week, and month are examples of real patriots who are working to help those of us who have lost everything. I don't really know what life is about if it is not about using the gifts you have to help those who have been struck by hardship and diaster.

Well, I was going to write about how much I love the movie Pride and Prejudice and how finals week is approaching but I have a feeling that for a while, I will often just end up writing about New Orleans. I wrote a post a long time ago about my "causes." I haven't given any of them up, I've just added another to my list.