Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


(Okay, before I get into the actual "snow" post, I just have to mention that the title of this entry was almost "SNOT!!!" because I mistyped...glad I caught that..."

SO! It snowed for about 36 hours here in the last couple days. It was awesome (when indoors and warm)! And actually, as I look out this morning, it is actually flurry-ing a little with some nice big flakes probably caused by the lake - yay lake-effect snow! I don't know what the official accumulation total is or anything because we already had some on the ground and the drifting caused by high winds makes it a little difficult to estimate. But I'd say somewhere between a foot and a foot and a half. The roads are still pretty bad and trudging to The Incredibles last night was fun since they hadn't cleared the pathway behind my dorm so we had to wade through 2-foot drifts. Fun!

Oh yeah, this reminds me. I've had an interesting week. The crappy thing that happened is I found out that the NC DMV hates me. They won't let me renew my driver's license by mail, like they will with some people. No, I have to go in person. So when I told them I wasn't going to be back in NC until probably OCTOBER, they politely suggested that I get an Illinois license. So that is the new plan, since I'd like to have a valid form of identification over the summer, and being able to drive would be a plus... Now I just have to find someone with a car who is willing to drive me to the DMV and let me use their car for a driving test. But I realized yesterday I may have to wait until the spring....I've never driven on snow before...Oops... It'll work out somehow, I know.

In other news, the show I'm stage managing in the spring has a website! Go check it out! Well right now all it has is a cast list but there should be more exciting stuff up later.

Okay, I'm going to go curl up in bed again and read fun books until the guilt of not working on my Mysticism paper overcomes me and I actually do something productive.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Update on school life

Hey y'all,
And welcome people who just found out I have a blog.

Well, I am having trouble believing we've only been back in school for two weeks! This last week has been auditions...for 20 different shows. Luckily I'm a stage manager and am working on She Loves Me so I only had to work auditions for that one instead of running around campus auditioning for the rest.

And that's about all I can say about auditions. Except I enjoyed them. I even enjoyed the paperwork stuff I did like scheduling and making multiple lists and charts.

In other news, I'm taking my first two religion classes this quarter, Christian Mystical Theology and Hebrew Bible, and I am loving both of them!!! I definately found a second major/minor that I love! I don't know what exactly I'll do with it but at least I found a way to focus all my non-theater classes in a way I love! I'm also in Acting and Puppetry, two other wonderful classes. The best part of this quarter is that I finally found a work-study job I enjoy!!! I'm now a "theater aide" for the TIC scene shop which basically means I get to play around with saws, screw guns, and welding machines all day! I love building things! And my arm muscles are getting quite strong from all of the lifting and such. This is my 3rd different job over the last year and a half and I actually look forward to going and I don't have to check the clock every ten minutes.

Well, I'm going to bed soon. Tomorrow I have a busy day, despite the four hours off from class the school gave us for MLK Day. Applications are available for Sheil ASB and I HAVE to go on that trip so I don't go crazy over spring break! I'm also working at the shops and need to work some on my puppet at some point.