Monday, February 28, 2005

See #26? That's me! I just wanted to post this not so great picture to prove to all you unbelieving family and friends that I actually did play floor hockey! We were undefeated for 5 games! Then we lost the second game in the playoffs. But we had a good run of it! GO TEAM SHEIL! Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Okay, I should really be going to sleep now. I have to perform in acting and I still have to revise my paper.

BUT I COULDN'T WAIT TO POST THIS! i just wanted to let everyone know who didn't know already that the Catholic Undergrads "Team Sheil" Floor Hockey team is still undefeated! We won our first playoff game tonight! These lovely legs in the above picture belong to the gorgeous Erica. Because of her recent illness(which is another story I should post about...), she wisely opted out of playing tonight. So instead, she became our team mascot. These are her beautiful signs she custom made for our team (there were two more higher up and a great allusion to the amazing game "Big Booty" on her backside ;-)). I would just like to point out, if you were not looking closely enough, that the sign on her right shin refers to me (that would be her right, your left). Yes, I believe it says "Emily, You're my hero." Yay! Worked for me. Gave me enough energy to finish the game.

That's all for now folks.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Decisions, decisions

So one big decision is done. I remembered in the shower this morning that I had something VERY important to do next fall which would conflict with the big new musical being produced on campus that I was going to stage manage. As cool as that show would be, Elizabeth's wedding is a hundred and 118 times more important! The reasons not to do this show are now more numerous than the reasons to do it. I am going to look at the season when it is announced and choose another great show to SM which does not happen at the same time as the wedding.

In other news, this is going to be a helluva busy week. Ezmerelda has to be done by Friday, I have an awesome religion paper due tomorrow afternoon, and Shane and I are presenting a "scene" in acting first thing tomrrow morning. Yay!

I'll update you all on how all THAT goes later :-)

Monday, February 21, 2005

She's coming together! This is the beautiful "Ezmerelda," my Cuban old woman innerself puppet that has to be DONE by FRIDAY! Her head is looking great but I need to get working more on her body! I HATE SEWING!!!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

SCARY! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Exciting News!

I'm living off campus next year with wonderful people! I will be with my dear friend Carla as well as Jamie and Phil (I have yet to meet Phil but I"m sure he'll be wonderful since he is friends with Jamie and Carla). It is going to be a very nice arrangement. I will have my own room, a kitchen, a place near campus but also conveniently near Evanston, and a plce to call home!

Also, I decided to change my template for awhile until I figure out enough HTML to make a custom one for myself. I also figured out how to change the settings so that you don't have to be a Blogspot user to comment so comment away!

That's all for now. I'm off to lunch!


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hey y'all,
I'm having such a nice weekend! I'm no longer overcommitted for the quarter since Manuscript is over, and I actually had time to read for my Hebrew Bible class today which makes me so happy because I truly find the material fascinating! I also went to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight, produced by the NU Jewish Theater Ensemble (its an interesting rational behind why they did JCS). It exceeded my slightly low expectations and made me glad I spent five bucks on it. The guitarist, a wonderful woman from my acting class who is also producing the show I'm SM-ing ing the spring, was the most amazing musician I've ever heard play at this school. Which is saying a lot since I spend a lot of time listening to talented pianists and singers at Sheil.

Tonight was a pre-planned "girls night" with dear friends of mine. We expanded the evening to include Zev, who is NOT a girl and not close to one at all. Although he likes boys like we do ;-).

ANYWAYS, all this is said to include a quote from the evening:

Zev: But I don't want this to be interpreted as an endorsement of celery rape.
Emily: Did you just say something about Kool-Aid?

Ah yes, the quote that only four of you will understand but the rest of you might find amusing.

Another thing, because the stress of being ALD for Manuscript is gone, I've been in a better mood the past two days. I got a compliment out of the blue tonight which really made me smile which confirms what I've always been told which is that when you are in a good mood, people notice and it makes you more beautiful. Not that I"m gorgeous or anything, but if I had been in a bad, stressed mood, no one would have said I looked nice. Its nice to be destressed for a few days again.

Well, its 1am so I should continue not being stressed and head to bed. Goodnight y'all!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

oh happy day! Posted by Hello

So I think I've figured out how to do pictures. So this one is up here because I needed a profile picture. And it was the happiest picture of me I could find (without having someone else in it. I don't want to put other people on my profile without their permission, so this will have to do).

Yes, I was pretty damn happy to graduate high school. Senior year was awful in many ways and I was looking forward to moving on to Northwestern. Granted I was sad to leave my close friends who were not graduating yet but you know what, we're still friends so it doesn't matter!

okay, off to sleep which will help me get to the next happy day of graduation!


Sunday, February 06, 2005


So its been a REALLY long day and I'm ready to go to bed. But I felt like I should do something productive before going to bed. As I don't feel like reading any more theater or doing any SM stuff for She Loves Me at the moment, its down to writing in my blog and reading religion stuff. Maybe I'll research classes for next quarter too, who knows.

So its been a long day because I've been fulfilling my duties as an ALD, aka Assistant Lighting Designer, by helping write light cues all day. As fun as that sounds, its really not fun at all. For the first five hours I sat next to the LD with my laptop and put information in a spreadsheet when she remembered to pay attention to me and tell me what to write. Then this evening I sat, stood, and walked around on stage so she could see what the lights were doing. i was productive somewhat and read the rest of Seagull and half of The Cherry Orchard. Only two and a half Chekov plays to go before Acting class on Monday! Woot!

But we did not finish everything tonight. In fact, the other ALD and I will be back at the theater in a very short time, tomorrow at 9am, to finsih doing focus. Then the other ALD is taking the afternoon shift of Tech and I will be back at 7pm until the week hours of the morning, most likely.

I really should do something besides got to sleep.

But I'm tired dammit!

I wish, for your sake, that this was a more stimulating and interesting post. But its all I've got at the moment. Maybe I'll have time to think about something other than how much I don't want to be a lighting designer sometime next week.