Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I just re-read my list from Saturday's post. I'm not supposed to beat myself up or feel guilty about falling behind on some of the things I've vowed to do... Although cleaning my room was not on my list, my inaction applies to all the other things too... I'll have to remember about that anti-guilt clause in the future...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ugh like a slug

Ugh is all I have to say for myself so far. I had a great dream last night about going back to my favorite Tuesday night yoga class with my favorite teacher but it was only a dream. In fact, I'm kind of scared to go back to a class because lately random parts of my body have just decided to be irritated or sore. The other night it was my foot that kept me awake. This evening, I was put out of commission for a few hours by a stomach ache (and I KNOW I didn't have any dairy so I can't blame it on the milk allergy!). Right now my shoulder has decided to ache, probably because of the way I was lying on it while reading a book waiting for my stomach ache to dissipate (that is a fun internal rhyme - haha no pun intended...).

Part of me is trying to listen to my body and make the aching go away by resting. But my smart mind is screaming "you're just making excuses for not sitting your butt down on the floor right now to do your magic room cleaning pile method!" Yep, I'm still trying to get my room clean after 3 months of vowing to get rid of things and make my room into a more functional oasis of calm for myself. Even writing this blog entry is a form of procrastination - I'm in my room, I could be sorting through stuff (a lot of which is probably trash or recyclable) but instead, I'm sitting on my bed writing about not doing anything. Ironic is not the right word - sluggishly lazy fits much better. Okay, I'm pumping myself up. I can do this. I've got 3 books on tape to listen to in the process. Alright - I hope you're having a better week than me - I'm going to go sort through stuff I haven't looked at since I moved in 2 years ago! Yay!